Cult Creative bags investment from The Hive Southeast Asia to kickstart its creator platform

Cult Creative, a Malaysian creator economy company, has secured seed funding from The Hive Southeast Asia, a January 4 press release announced.

Connecting brands with creators, Cult Creative uses technology to aid brands in discovering fitting creators, streamlining workflows, and facilitating creator payments.

Shermaine Wong, Cult Creative’s co-founder and CEO, told Vulcan Post that the funding will be a catalyst for the development of the startup’s new proprietary creator collaboration platform.

Specifically, they’ve allocated resources to focus on technology enhancement, user experience optimisation, and scalability. They’ll also be investing in community-building initiatives to empower creators and brands.

“The decision to pursue funding for Cult Creative wasn’t one we took lightly,” Shermaine added. “After overcoming various challenges and showing significant traction in the market, we recognised the immense potential of our new model.”

Significant wins include landing brand deals with notable companies including Farm Fresh, Bata Malaysia, and Pavilion Group.

“It was clear that additional capital would fast-track our creator collaboration platform’s development and equip us with the resources to make a bigger splash in the creator economy,” the CEO explained.

According to the press release, this investment follows a period of not just strategic evolution, but also overcoming the challenges of the untimely passing of Cult Creative’s co-founder Manisha Jagan Mongan in March 2023.

Cult Creative co-founders Shermaine Wong and Lina Esa / Image Credit: Cult Creative

Fresh funds for fresh ideas

In November 2023, it was announced that Cult Creative would be shutting down its job portal app.

This was because of the company’s pivot from just a job portal to becoming a more holistic platform that bridges brands and creators. The former app had been quite limited in terms of its technology, so a new platform needed to be built.

As mentioned, the fresh funds from The Hive Southeast Asia will be used to build this new platform.

“We’re making great strides in developing the platform and are on track to unveil the beta version to the public within the next six months,” Shermaine assured.

On top of building a new platform, the press release also revealed a new project by the name of CultPay.

CultPay will be an alternate credit scoring system designed to empower creators to gain financial freedom.

Shermaine explained, “Our long-term vision is to provide gig workers with a reliable credit scoring mechanism and get recognised by traditional financial institutions so they can easily get housing, car loans, and credit cards, and even expand their creative businesses.”

CultPay is still in its nascent stages, so specifics of it are kept under wraps. That said, Shermaine expressed that the team is looking for financial partners to build a system that considers a creator’s performance, reliability, and contribution to the Cult Creative creator community.

The team is aiming to roll out the feature within the next 12 months.

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