Dana Penjana national

The Hive Southeast Asia is a Participant of the Government's Dana Penjana National Program.

Dana Penjana Nasional

The Hive Southeast Asia is a recipient of Dana Penjana Nasional to co-create, launch and fund early-stage startups predominantly in Malaysia based on specific themes focusing on applications and use cases in corporate functional areas.
Under the scheme, we are mandated to invest into companies that drive economic recovery by harnessing the power of innovation to digitalise enterprises into the fourth industrial revolution.

What is dana penjana nasional?

Dana Penjana Nasional is a RM600 million investment fund by the Government of Malaysia for venture capital firms to invest in start-ups. This amount will be matched on a 1:1 basis with foreign investment institutions to attract investors.
In total, an allocation of RM1.2 billion will be made available to accelerate the digitalisation and automation of Malaysian businesses to revitalise the Malaysian economy.


The initiative's resources will be allocated to 8 selected local venture capital firms, each in partnership with a foreign venture capital firm. These collaborative partnerships will be in charge of routing the funding into Malaysia's startup ecosystem.


The Fund of Funds (FOF) mechanism is implemented, in which the selected venture capital firms will establish an investment fund, and the funds brought in by them will be matched 1:1 by Penjana Kapital. The initiative will cover the venture capital investment life cycle.