Shahril Ibrahim


Shahril Ibrahim was a Director of Investments of Khazanah and started the fund’s presence in Silicon Valley. As a founding member and Head of Khazanah Americas, he built a strong network and platform for investments in Silicon Valley and recruited a world class team with technology, finance and investments backgrounds for evaluating technology companies. Investments included direct and fund opportunities with a focus on growth companies in enterprise, cloud, SAAS, software and consumer technologies. Over 400M USD of investments were made during Shahril’s tenure. His team evaluated over 400 private companies and 100 funds per year, giving him a strong pattern recognition for opportunities and fund models.

A longtime resident of California, Shahril has a strong network among fund managers, entrepreneurs and technologists in Silicon Valley. He was on the Advisory board for March Capital Partners Fund 1 and 2. His career reaches across the fields of venture capital, technology and media. As an innovator, he was the Head of technology for Boss Films and pioneered digital filmmaking and visual effects. As a technologist, he worked at NASA Ames on computer vision and autonomous flight, and has founded two Internet startups.

Shahril has an interest in deep technology including AI, ML and robotics and was the Board Member for General Fusion, a Vancouver based fusion energy company. He is interested in how companies can use disruptive technologies in digital transformation and how some of these technologies like AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics and Blockchain may affect the future of work.

Shahril has a double degree in Engineering and Economics from Harvey Mudd College, and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

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